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Antonio & Jeni Moretti

Antonio Moretti is the creator and co-owner of Taste of Sta. Rita Hills in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto. His passion for wine and food goes back to his early age when one side of his family was involved in the restaurant business. When he moved to the United States from Italy the passion became his career, and for the past 30 years he has devoted his time between managing restaurants and working as a wine specialist in wine distribution.

Jeni Moretti began an impassioned study of Italian wines in 1991 then went to work for a small California winery in 1993, where she learned everything about the grape from the ground to the glass. She furthered her wine education working for a few distributors, a larger California winery and many years with two different Italian wine importers. She made annual or bi-annual trips to Italy to continue her wine education and in the early 2000s began leading wine education tours to Italy for the wine trade and consumers, in addition to continuing to represent Italian wineries in the U.S. She is also co-owner of Taste of Sta. Rita Hills.

In 2008, after visiting the wine areas of the Central Coast several times, Antonio and Jeni were so inspired by the area that they knew they wanted to make this their home. After meeting and working with some of the winemakers and owners of the local wineries, it became very clear to Antonio that he wanted to be involved as much and as deeply as possible with the wine business that was quickly growing there. Upon tasting wines throughout the area, he realized that there are many wineries that are open by appointment only that deserved more active representation. So the Taste of Sta. Rita Hills was born as a way to expose these special wines to a wider audience. They also launched their own Moretti wine label in 2010. Jeni eventually joined Antonio in the tasting room full time, where they enjoy sharing their mutual enthusiasm for wine with passionate wine tasters.

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Antonio and Jeni Moretti at Taste of Sta. Rita Hills in the Lompoc Wine Ghetto